The all-in-one AChecker+ tool will check your webpage for accessibility across one of the following selected tools:

  • AChecker WCAG 2.0 for websites
  • Lighthouse WCAG 2.1 for websites
  • Tingtun WCAG 2.0 for PDFs

The classic open-source tool originally developed by the Inclusive Design Research Centre, now maintained and supported by ACHECKS, continues to be the most popular website accessibility checking tool.

The most popular open-source PDF accessibility checking tool originally developed by the EIII, is available for checking the accessibility of your PDF files either by upload or by pasting the URL of a public PDF file.

This simple-to-use colour contrast checker lets you compare two colours to check if they meet the WCAG 2 colour contrast requirements for text and background colours.

The Accessible Perceptual Contrast Algorithm (APCA) calculates contrast based on the luminance of the colours and used for the WCAG 3 colour contrast requirements.