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Expanding Horizons—Welcome Tingtun Accessibility Checking for PDF Files in AChecker!

In an era governed by digital communication and accessibility, the need to ensure that information is available to all individuals, regardless of their abilities, remains paramount. Web developers and content creators have long relied on the reliable functionality of AChecker, a leading web accessibility checker.

Breaking new ground however, AChecker now offers support for PDF files, taking a giant leap towards inclusivity by integrating the Tingtun PDF accessibility checker! This means that you now have a PDF accessibility checker alongside the most popular web accessibility checker.

The Power of Accessibility—Why It Matters:

Web accessibility revolves around designing, developing, and maintaining websites and electronic content in a manner that individuals with disabilities can comprehend, navigate, and interact with effectively. Web pages are commonly audited to identify and rectify accessibility issues, supporting an all-encompassing digital space. This accessibility extends beyond websites to any electronic data, including PDF files.

Enter AChecker, a Game-Changer in Web Accessibility:

AChecker emerged as a revolutionary tool and the first automated accessibility checker for websites, helping developers and content creators identify and resolve accessibility barriers on their web pages. This checker analyzes various elements ranging from colors, font sizes, headings, and links to ensure compliance with accessibility guidelines, ultimately providing a more inclusive user experience.

Expanding the Horizon—PDF Accessibility Checking:

Recognizing the significance of PDF files as a popular medium for disseminating information, AChecker has widened its scope to include accessibility checking for these files. PDF documents often serve as vital resources for educational materials, legal documents, government publications, and more. By supporting PDF accessibility evaluations, AChecker is bridging the existing accessibility gap in these critical areas.

How Does PDF Accessibility Checking in AChecker Work?

AChecker’s PDF accessibility checking allows users to paste a link to their PDF files to the platform and seamlessly scan them for accessibility compliance. Utilizing established accessibility standards like WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA, the Tingtun engine assesses document structure, headings, alt text for images, table structure, and various other accessibility elements. The tool then generates a comprehensive report highlighting areas that require improvement.

Empowering Developers and Content Creators:

With the integration of PDF accessibility checking, AChecker empowers developers and content creators with an all-in-one solution for auditing both web pages and PDF files. This integration saves time, streamlines efforts, and ensures that information in different formats meets global accessibility standards. Achieving a higher level of accessibility compliance not only enhances the reach of content but also promotes equal opportunities.

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