AChecker+ evolution

AChecker+, the One-Stop-Shop for Digital Accessibility Checking

AChecker+ is an evolution of the original AChecker tool, filling in some important gaps that emerged with modern web development trends. For one thing, the legacy AChecker tests websites purely based on their markup.

Web development trends however are leaning more towards building dynamic websites that are Javascript heavy. To allow for better support of such websites, we augmented AChecker by integrating the best-in-class open-source Lighthouse tool developed by Google. This provides yet another accessibility option that can be used by organizations to test their individual web pages for free.

Our aim is to improve the accessibility of the web as a whole, and to foster a more inclusive digital environment for everyone. In this respect, we have made AChecker+ freely available to individuals including web developers to help do our part. AChecker is the most widely used, free accessibility checker and we believe that’s a good thing for the internet as a whole.

However there was yet another gap that our users identified, which was testing PDF documents for accessibility. So our team undertook the effort of integrating the open-source Tingtun PDF accessibility checking tool into AChecker+. This makes it the first accessibility tool to serve as a one-stop-shop for organizations to freely check their individual web pages and ensure that they meet the highest accessibility standards. Tingtun is recommended as a PDF accessibility checker by many governments including in guidance published by the United Kingdom. We also provide for a standalone Tingtun-based checker which lets you upload and test your PDF files.

For teams that need reporting capability and a more automated way of checking their websites, we have some subscription plans that may help:

Agency partners can also check out how they can provide our service to their clients through our white label solution:

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