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Accessibility Compliance WordPress Plugin

Accessibility Compliance by ACHECKS is a companion plugin for WordPress users of, the leading web accessibility reporting solution.

Users require an active subscription to the ACHECKS service for their domain, which will run automated accessibility tests across the website and display the results within WordPress for your website administrators.

Bringing the best of accessibility reporting to WordPress

Accessibility Compliance by ACHECKS includes powerful features that make reporting on your website accessibility seamless. Depending on your chosen plan, you will get:

  • Web Reports for a Domain via AChecker
  • PDF Reports for a Domain via Tingtun
  • Lighthouse Mobile and/or Desktop


Note: Make sure that your website is live. If your website isn’t live yet, ACHECKS can’t show you any data.

Installation from within WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for Accessibility Compliance by ACHECKS.
  3. Install and activate the Accessibility Compliance by ACHECKS plugin.

After activation

  1. Visit the new Accessibility Compliance menu.
  2. Subscribe to one of the plans presented on the Accessibility Compliance dashboard.
  3. After subscription, you will soon start receiving reports on the Accessibility Compliance dashboard.

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