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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s Accessibility Today!

Web accessibility is more important today than ever. With many websites being the entry point for customers and clientele into many organisations and companies. 

Here are some easy ways to improve your website’s accessibility today that don’t require advanced technical skills:

  1. Check colour contrast
    The text on your website needs to be at a certain colour contrast threshold to meet accessibility requirements. This is not something you can simply eye, and will be dependent on text size as well. We recommend using a contrast checker to check your colour contrast to ensure it is compliant. The ADA regulations in the United States and the AODA regulations in Ontario, require that a website meets the WCAG AA requirements (as of the date of this article May 17, 2023)
  2. Avoid text in front of pictures.
    Text in front of pictures can be difficult to read, and therefore is best to avoid on an accessible website. Here are some solutions to dealing with this that we have used in the past.
  3. Add alt text to pictures
    Images conveying important information to the reader should have alt text associated with it that describes the image with a good amount of details to convey what is important about the image. 

These are just a few easy tips to get you on your digital accessibility journey. However, in order to be fully compliant you will need to do a full audit of your site. Automated tools like AChecker allow you to check your website page by page, and a full subscription to the ACHECKS service will check your entire site and send you monthly reports.

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